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Diaries of a climate, Baert Gallery, Los Angeles, 2021

Sarah Cunningham, Pam Evelyn, Francesca Mollett

The title of the show, Diaries of a Climate, refers to the painters’ common interest in the visual qualities of light, times of day, seasons and weather conditions. Abstracting from nature and their surroundings, the three artists have developed their painterly languages to reflect on human experience, desire and the sense of resilience found in the creative process.


In all three artists’ works, the materiality of paint takes center stage. Each with their own personality, they apply medium to canvas in search of an emotional response. Pools of color, drips and marks cover or reveal the canvas. Pigments in suspension echo nature’s play and transport the viewer to a world of grottos, lush landscapes and stormy skies where light irradiates before giving way to darkness.
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