My interest lies in the lived landscapes through which communities identify themselves and whether this creates a common memory. I investigate both the presence of the flora and foliage that can be found within a landscape – as well as how the plants that inhabit these scenes can describe the habitats they are a part of.

For me the forest in particular is not only a fascinating ecosystem in itself, it stands as a metaphor and a model of thinking, a reflection of our existence in this social climate. What makes a forest rich and fertile is the interactions and interdependencies. I’m interested in how all of these things are connected and embedded. I favour this notion of interrelation within my painting process, in order to create a second nature, a mimesis, a bodily knowledge, arising from alterity, a means of ‘contact’ between distant beings, in different realms, different time zones. The paintings exist as an attempt to inhabit the space of an in-between, the interval between ‘worlds’- physically and virtually – an attempt to open up a space for these transformations.


Within my  painting there is a continuous desire or interest in a relationship with the natural world — its flora and fauna and mysteries. I draw on these parallels between nature and human nature through the application of oil paint, oil bar, clay. I was recently living with the Kuna community in the indigenous region of Guna Yala, Panama on a research residency in collaboration with La Wayaka Current.  I am currently studying a Masters in Painting the Royal College of Art whilst living and working in Nottingham, UK.

"Earth, waters, and climate, the mute world, the voiceless things one places as a décor surrounding the usual spectacles, all those things that never interested anyone, from now on thrust themselves brutally and without warning into our schemes and manoeuvres. They burst in on our culture, which had never formed anything but a local, vague, and cosmetic idea of them: nature. What was once local – this river, that swamp – is now global: Planet Earth."

Michel Serres



Royal College of Art - MA Painting


Loughborough University - BA Fine Art




Ali H. Alkazzi Scholarship Award

Djanogly Art Award



2020, September, The Mushroom In The Dark, London, (Group)
2020, September, Is This Normality? Alter Us, Clerkenworks, London (Group)
2020, September, Works on Paper, Blue Shop Cottage, Online Exhibition (Group)
2020, September, OVEN READY, Film Free and Easy, Online Exhibition (Group)


2020, SITUATIONIST, Online Exhibition (Group)
2020, Exercises to Suppress Distance, Online Exhibition (Group)
2020, Snapshot, Hockney Gallery, Royal College of Art, London (Group)
2020, Work In Progress, Royal College of Art, London (Group)
2019, Contemporary Art Auction, Nottingham Lakeside Arts (Group)
2019, University Summer Exhibition, Nottingham Lakeside Arts - Awarded the Djanogly Art Winner (Group)
2019, Tropic, Bird and Blend, Nottingham (Solo)
2019, City Takeover, UK Young Artists, Nottingham (Group)
2018, Film Free and Easy - Casts The Net, Primary, Nottingham (Group)
2018, University Autumn Exhibition, Nottingham Lakeside Arts (Group)
2018, STRATA:1, Surface Gallery, Nottingham (Group)
2017, Edenic, Pspowage Art Gallery, Nottingham (Solo)
2017, ONE OFF ART SALE, 35 Gamble Street, Nottingham (Group)
2017, THiNK: Summer Open Exhibition, Cobden Place, Nottingham (Group)
2017, University Summer Exhibition, Nottingham Lakeside Arts, University of Nottingham (Group)
2017, Lady Bay Arts Festival, Nottingham (Group)
2016, Plantopia, Photo Nottingham, Nottingham (Solo)
2016,Phlexx (LIVE Art Exhibition), Nottingham Contemporary (Group)
2016, BOHUNKYDORY, Bohunk Institute, Nottingham (Group)
2016, International Postcard Show, Surface Gallery, Nottingham (Group)
2016, Under the Bed, Surface Gallery, Nottingham (Group)
2015, Exhibit Here, Oxo Tower Wharf, Southbank, London (Group)
2015, Parallax 14, Chelsea Hall, Chelsea, London (Group)
2015, Green HeART City (LIVE Art Exhibition) with Arts Council England, Nottingham Riverside Festival (Group)
2015, Free Range Show, Brick Lane, London (Group )
2015, LUSAD Degree Show, Loughborough University (Group)
2014, Paris Pop Up Exhibition, Loughborough University, Loughborough (Group)
2014, We Create Live (LIVE Art Exhibition), Twenty Twenty Two, Manchester (Group)
2012, Foundation Show, New College Nottingham, Nottingham, 06/2012 (Group)

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